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One Airtel Combo Bundle

One Airtel Combo is an affordable product packaged for our prepaid customers roaming in One Airtel Networks. We have the most affordable retail rates and the only operator with data and combo bundles to be used while roaming on Airtel operators.

Bundle Construct:

One Airtel –Small In Bundle Units Price Validity Buying Code Balance Check

Incoming Minutes

10 K5,000 15Days



Outgoing minutes (Local +Back Home)


Data MB


How To Buy The Bundle

  • To purchase the bundle: Dial *121#
  • To check balance: *137*500#

One Airtel Networks include:

  1. Airtel Tanzania.
  2. Airtel Zambia,
  3. Airtel Ghana
  4. Airtel Uganda,
  5. Airtel Tchad
  6. Airtel Congo
  7. Airtel Seychelles,
  8. Airtel Kenya
  9. Airtel DRC
  10. Airtel Nigeria
  11. Airtel Rwanda
  12. Airtel Madagascar
  13. Airtel Niger
  14. Airtel Gabon