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Airtel Zone

Airtel Zone is another innovative product from your number one mobile provider, Airtel. The service, runs on a per second billing plan and gives prepaid subscribers the opportunity to enjoy up to 99% discount any time of day on calls made to other Airtel subscribers and 60% discount on calls made to other local networks.

Airtel Zone subscribers receive discounts of up to 99% which are applied on the Airtel Zone base tariff of K103 on all Airtel to Airtel calls. Airtel zone subscribers calling other networks enjoy up to 60% discounts on the Airtel Zone base tariff of K120

In order to enjoy the benefits of Airtel Zone, existing and new Airtel prepaid customers simply need to register for the service by dialing *135*1#. Dialing *135# will take customers to the Airtel Zone menu where they can find other service options. Registration on Airtel Zone is free of charge.

To ensure subscribers enjoy the service to its maximum, they are advised to activate/switch on cell broadcast on their phone. Cell broadcast can be activated by switching it on from the message settings on the phone. The cell broadcast feature when enabled, gives Airtel customers the opportunity to see the dynamic percentage discounts they would enjoy when they initiate a call at that time and the discount is applicable throughout the duration of the call.

This new service will give you our customer, the benefit of talking more for less.

  Current Rates New Rates
Pay As You go K93 K87
Airtel Zone base rate K120 K103