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OYE Instant Messenger

Make new friends and chat in any language on OYE Instant Messenger for all phones from Airtel. Oye Instant Messenger is first-of-its-kind messenger, which works across phone models, yet possesses all possible features that an instant messenger has! You can link it to your Facebook account and continue networking with your Facebook friends.

On the other hand, Genie is multi-dimensional search application, which runs on mobile through SMS. User sends the search word to 199 and result will be given to them instantly. To use the service simply send “REG” to 299.

Service plans available

Product Rate
Oye Instant Messanger 66/wk
Genie search engine 66/wk

OYe: To unsubscribe, Send STOP to 199

Genie: To unsubscribe, Send STOP to 299