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SMS Alert Pack service

56677 SMS Alert Pack service helps subscribers out, by providing easy tips to help them in their daily living environment. It acts as their guide helping them in all the best possible ways, be it tips for safe driving, quick banking, Body building GYM, learning simple basic of computers, doing concentrated Yoga & Meditation, quitting smoking for healthy living or Tips for keeping up with personal hygiene or effective time management, successful living or successful interview, it’s all here for them.

In addition, 56677 SMS pack also provides Trivia about a diversity of subjects enhancing subscribers' knowledge in all related fields. Be it, trivia about animals, plants, insects, bugs, Chemicals, drugs, cinema or space, science or about any art or architecture.

Below is a table of plans available in SMS Alert Pack

Subscription/ Fallback Cost Days
Subscription (Monthly) 150 MKW 30
Subscription (Fortnightly) 79 MKW 15
Subscription (Weekly) 49 MKW 7
Subscription (Daily) 7 MKW 1