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Airtel Football Communities

The Airtel Football Community service is a unique Value Added Service that provides Airtel customers the opportunity of receiving SMS updates on the English Premier League for the four biggest clubs Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea & Liverpool.
These update includes: 
  1.     Match fixtures
  2.     Breaking news
  3.     League table
  4.     Goal updates (Halftime and fulltime scores) 
  5.     Post match analysis and many more.
Please note that this service will replace the already existing services running on 31991,31992, 31993 and 31994.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to any of the available football communities, you will be required to send the name of your favourite club to 400. Please note that this is a subscription service and you will be charged N100/month.

Available clubs are: 


For example, to subscribe to CHELSEA community:
Send CHELSEA to 400. You will receive the following message:
Welcome to CHELSEA community. U will receive current updates on news, live scores etc. U will be billed N100/month. To unsubscribe send CHELSEA STOP to 400.

Please note that you will pay only N50 for every additional club you subscribe to. For example if you subscribe to CHELSEA, you will be billed N100/month & if you go ahead & also subscribe to ARSENAL you will be bill N50/month.



How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe at any time, please send the CLUB NAME <space> STOP to 400.

For example, to unsubscribe from ARSENAL community - Send ARSENAL STOP to 400, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
"You have successfully unsubscribed from the LIVERPOOL community. To subscribe again send LIVERPOOL to 400".
N/B: Please note that unsubscription is free.