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Airtel Rewardz


Dear Rewardz customers, watch this space for our new and exclusive Rewardz Loyalty Programme!



  1. The Rewardz Loyalty Programme is a point based and 3 tier loyalty programme designed to reward our customers on every money spent on the network be it on voice, SMS or data. This is in line with our brand values of Radiance, Heart and Belonging.
  2. The Rewardz Loyalty Programme will reward all our customers regardless of their spend, as this has been catered for by our range of tangible and intangible items displayed in the catalogue. This is to show that we appreciate all our customers for their loyalty and support now and the years to come.
  3. Everything that a customer pays for, is rewarded with Reward points that the customer will be able to exchange for items displayed in the Rewardz Catalogue.
  4. The Rewardz Catalogue includes a wide variety of items from free minutes and SMS to BlackBerries, home appliances…anything you can imagine!
  5. High users will also be given membership cards, Gold or Silver depending on their spend, which will open the doors to a world of benefits and privileges.