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InstaVoice MVV

A caller (Subscriber A) has an option to send an automatic voice sms, voicemail or missed call alert to an Airtel customer (Subscriber B) when the Subscriber B is not reachable, busy or the Subscriber B's phone is switched off. User can also send voice sms by dialing *(phone number). To retrieve voice messages, Airtel customers can dial *0* for new messages and *1* to retrieve old messages (Messages already listened to previously).

An Airtel customer can dial *004*08020100132# to subscribe.

Airtel customers using the service will never miss any call again.

A caller can leave a message for a recipient even when the recipient cannot be reached.

Users can also download the InstaVoice app for IOS, Android and Windows phones. The app allows to visually manage all your Missed calls, Voice SMS and Voice mails.

To get Instavoice on google play; Download the App by clicking on the link below

To get Instavoice available on the App store; Download the App by clicking on the link below

To get Instavoice on windows store; Download the App by clicking on the link below


Question: What is Instavoice?

Answer: In cases where subscriber's phone is switched off, not reachable, busy or not answering, call will be transferred to Instavoice MVV service.

Question: I did not subscribe for the service, why am I receiving instavoice messages?

Answer: Any Airtel subscriber can receive Instavoice messages.

Question: I do not want to receive Instavoice messages, is it possible to unsubscribe?

Answer: To unsubscribe, dial ##004# or call.

Question: What are the charges for using Instavoice messages?

Answer: To send messages, normal call rate is charged; listening to message is free first time; 5 naira is charged to listen again; and N10 to forward message.

Question: How many messages do I have?

Answer: Subscriber can dial *0* to find out number of new messages.

Question: Can I send Instavoice messages direct?

Answer: Yes, subscriber can send direct voice messages by dialing *(followed by mobile number) and will be charged N15.

Terms and Conditions

  • Any Airtel customer can have this service on their line.
  • A user does not pay to receive and InstaVoice message.
  • To listen to a received message is FREE for the first time.
  • To listen to a message already listened to cost N5 per message.