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Airtel Radio

Airtel Radio

Airtel Radio is the new and revolutionary Music product from Airtel Nigeria. It is a user's personal Music Station anytime, anywhere. With a huge variety of songs from multiple genres at the users finger tips.

You can access Airtel Radio from any Airtel Mobile Phone by just dialing *606# and select your desired pack or dial 6061 for the PAYU service.




3 days pack Access

24/7, 3 days

N30/ Unlimited

1 week pack Access

24/7, 1week

N50/ Unlimited

Night Radio
Pay as You go
Song Dedication

11Pm – 6Am





Channel 1

RNB international

Channel 2

Hausa Channel

Channel 3

R&B Local

Channel 4

Hip Hop International

Channel 5


Channel 6

Hip Hop Local

Channel 7


Channel 9

Gospel Local

Channel 11


Channel 12

Gospel International

Channel 13


Muzik Greezins

Muzik Greezins

Muzik Greezins is an IVR based service which costs N8/minute and N50/dedication.

To use the service, the subscriber dials the short code 551, where he is introduced to the available services.

Muzik Greezins service is a service that enable users to listen to songs, dedicate song to your loved ones.

Users dial into the service, choose from various categories of songs e.g love, birthday, anniversary etc

It is not a subscription service, user dials shortcode to use the service.

Subscribers enjoys different genre of music.

It is an On demand service, users can use it anytime they want as long as s/he have sufficient balance on the phone.


Question: How do I choose the genre of music I want to listen to?

Answer: Listen to the voice prompts and follow the instructions.

Terms and Conditions

A subscriber is eligible for this product if s/he is an Airtel customer and has sufficient balance on his/her phone to use the service