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Dealers and Shops

Our network of local dealers sells top-up cards and SIM packs (SIM cards with airtime).

You can also buy SIM packs top-up cards in most shops that sell mobile phones and electrical items in addition to numerous general groceries and kiosks across Tanzania.

Super Dealers

  Msimbazi Street, next to Amani Pharmacy
  Dar es Salaam
  Email: afritel@raha.com

  Cellnet Investment (T) Ltd
  Msimbazi/Nyamwezi Street, Karikoo.
  Email: info@bahdela.com

  Ground floor, Mavuno House, Azikiwe Street
  Dar es Salaam
  Email: celsolutions@cats-net.com

  Plot 110,
  Ali bin Said Avenue,
  Dar es Salaam
  Email: alimufuruki@infotech.co.tz

  Kisangani Building Msimbazi/Mvita Street, Kariakoo
  Dar es Salaam
  Email: nanetel@nanetel.com

KMJ Telecommunications
  Dar es Salaam
  Morogoro Road/Mali Street
  Email: kmj@ctvsatcom.net

  Head office: Bibi Titi Road/Morogoro Road
  Dar es Salaam
  Email: nitak@ctvsatcom.net

Selcom Wireless
  Jamhuri Street, opp. the Ministry of Science, Technology & Higher Education
  Dar es Salaam
  Email: info@selcom.biz

  Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium Arusha.
  Email: mwaaka@myarusha.com

Victoria Net
  Lumumba (Formerly Fone Shack)
  Email: complus@dar.bol.co.tz

  Msimbazi Street,
  Dar es Salaam,
  Email: footstep@okplast.com

Masubo phone and Accessories
  Mwanza Hotel
  Email: masubophones@hotmail.com

Telekom Plus
  Nyerere/rwegosore Street
  Email: telekomplustz@yahoo.com

Star Electronics
  Email: bkermalli@hotmail.com

  Stendi Road
  +25578 4489788

Airtel shops
Username Names Email MSISDN Shop Name Altenative number
1301811 Jackline Kaaya JacklineJeremiah.Kaaya@tz.airtel.com 255784670511 Mwanza Shop  
1301249 Mariam Kisisile Mariam.Kisisile@tz.airtel.com 255784670958 Morogoro  
1301453 Celine Njuju Celine.Njuju@tz.airtel.com 255784670609 HQ  
1301455 Cedric Deocres Cedrick.Deocres@tz.airtel.com 255785670878 Mlimani City  
1311209 Dennis Mpepo Dennis.Mpepo@tz.airtel.com 255785670092 Arusha  
2317964 Karen Silla Karen.Silla@tz.airtel.com 255783008707 Bukoba 693170000
2317974 Rodgers Fuime Rodgers.Fuime@tz.airtel.com 255786529548 Dodoma 686999926
2344799 Jennifer Magile Jennifer.Magille@airtel.co.tz 255682150060 Iringa  
2357804 Happy  Valence HappyValance.Kinyunyu@tz.airtel.com 255784670212 Jmall  
2337486 Royce  Patrice Loyce.Patrice@tz.airtel.com 255684834046 Kahama  
2335144 Joshua  Nkumbugwa Joshua.Nkumbugwa@tz.airtel.com 255683088816 Kariakoo  
2317972 Neema Mboma Neema.Mboma@tz.airtel.com 255689989884 Mbagala  
2357803 Gilliard mshana Gilliard1.mshana@tz.airtel.com 255784670964 Mbeya  
2334130 Gloria Mtui Gloria.Mtui@tz.airtel.com 255788193925 Moshi  
1302832 Harieth  Barongo Harieth.Barongo@tz.airtel.com 255786670306 Mtwara 786949460
2337481 Rosemary  Shayo Rosemary.Shao@tz.airtel.com 255788900990 Tabora  
2320261 Wanzeal Mangesho Wanzael.Mangesho@tz.airtel.com 255783868068 Tanga  
2357805 Mbarouk Nassor Mbarouk1.Nassor@tz.airtel.com 255784670294 Zanzibar