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Q: How much does it cost for a prepaid connection?

A: Airtel prepaid starter packs cost TSH 500 VAT inclusive.


Q: How do I top up airtime credit on my phone?

A: Enter the following sequence:

  1. *104*
  2. The 14 digit code followed by #
  3. Then press Send

Your Airtel phone will display your new credit balance after your top-up card has been credited to your account.


Q: How do I check my credit balance, credit expiry date and account expiry date?

A: Enter the following sequence: *102# then press Send. Your handset will display your current credit balance.


Q: Where can I buy top-up cards?

A: You can buy top-up cards at numerous kiosks, shops, supermarkets, Dealer and Airtel Shops countrywide. Look out for Airtel branded outlets.


See our full list of Shops and Dealers .


Q: Where does Airtel have coverage?

A: Click here to see our coverage map

Q: What is a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

A: A PIN is secret code that protects your SIM card from being used if it is stolen. When you use your SIM card for the first time, the code is inactive so that you can use your phone as soon as the battery is charged. When you activate your PIN, you must enter your code each time you switch on your phone. This means that only you, or someone who knows your code, can use your phone. To activate your PIN, read the instructions in your phone's manual, or call the Airtel Customer Care.


Q: My phone says PUK. What does it mean?

A: PUK is an abbreviation for PIN Unblocking Key. Your phone will display this message if a wrong PIN has been entered more than three times. Take your phone to any Airtel outlet or dealer and they will unblock it for you. Click here to find the list.


Q: When people call me, they can't get through. Instead they are asked to leave a message. What's going on?

A: Voicemail is a service that operates automatically when your phone is not answered, out of reach of the signal or switched off. If your phone is not being answered for one of these reasons, Voicemail will automatically ask callers to leave a message. It is also possible that you have set up 'Divert to Voicemail' on your phone.


Q: Why does my phone give a busy tone when I try to call another number?

A: This is probably because the person you are trying to reach is engaged (already on the phone). But you should also check carefully that you are dialling the number correctly.


Q: Why does my phone say 'SIM rejected' or 'Registration failed'?

A: This means the SIM card is damaged, either because someone has entered a wrong unblocking code or because the phone itself has been damaged. Always handle your SIM card with great care. If your SIM card is not working, visit one of our offices and we will replace it at a charge.


Q: I have lost my phone and there is some credit still left in it. Can you refund me?

A: Yes. If you buy a new SIM card we will transfer your credit to the new SIM card. For more details, please contact the Customer Care team .


Q: My phone has been stolen. Can you block it?

A: For the safety of all our customers, we need written instructions to block a number. Please send a letter, email or fax to:
Customer Service Director
Airtel in Tanzania
Airtel House
P. O. Box 9623
Dar es Salaam
Fax: +25522 2748 191

Email: helpdesktz@Airtel.com

Q: I want to see my call history. Can you print it for me?

A: The call history (or call log) is only available to Postpaid customers.


Q: What advantages does Airtel have over other networks?

A: Airtel has a higher quality network with wider geographic coverage and plenty of additional services. We have competitive rates to suit your pocket, and excellent Customer Care .


Q: Do you repair phones?

A: No. Our business is the provision of airtime. The dealers who sell our products also have technicians who will repair your phone. See our full list of shops and dealers .


Q: How do I dial an international number?

A: Read our guide to dialling international numbers .


Q: Why does my phone tell me that my top-up card has already been used?

A: This means you have already topped up your credit using the same card. Dial *102# Send to confirm your credit, and buy a new top-up card if necessary.


Q: Why don't I have a signal on my phone?

A: There are three possibilities:

  1. You are not in the Airtel coverage area .
  2. Your phone is damaged. Take it back to a Airtel Shop or Dealer.  Take it back to where you bought it. It is advised to buy phones with warrant.

Q: What is Airtel SMS Message Centre number?

A: Airtel's SMS Message Centre Number is: +25578 000 000 4. For detailed information on how to enter the Message Centre Number, please refer to your handset's user manual or call Customer Care(100 for Prepaid and 101 for Postpaid).