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Amsha Popo Unlimited


Pata INTANETI BILA KIKOMO usiku mzima na #AmshaPOPO kwa Sh 1500 tu. Pakua Video, muziki, application na Zaidi.

Namna ya kujiunga:

  1. Piga *149*99#
  2. Chagua Ofa Maalum - MPYA
  3. Chagua Amsha Popo (Namba 3)


Get UNLIMITED INTERNET with #AmshaPOPO for only 1,500 Sh per night.

Liven up your Night with downloads, video call, Apps and more.

How to Subscribe:

  1. Dial *149*99#
  2. Choose Special Offer-NEW
  3. Choose Amsha Popo (Option 3)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This Offer is for prepaid customers only
  2. This offer is valid to use from 12:00AM - 05:59AM
  3. There offer will have up to 10GB of usage.