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Games Club


A customer can visit http://games.tz.airtellive.com to buy and download games.

One can get access to the games in two different ways:

1. Games Club (Subscription to play unlimited games):

  • Customer downloads a game from the portal as per the handset type (games are compatible with handsets and since this is a wrapper based service, billing is not done at the time of download allowing us to rent the game to the end user).
  • Customer can access the downloaded game from his/her phone by selecting a daily/weekly/monthly subscription package.
  • The customer can download and play unlimited Games from the Games Club portal until his/her subscription expires
  • Customer can unsubscribe at any time by sending STOP or UNSUB to short code 31313 or via "my account page" on the portal or the Customer Care interface.


2. Ala Carte (Once of payments):

  • The user visits the portal and selects a preferred game (game must be compatible with handset type).
  • The download for the game starts once the user has been billed successfully.
  • In case the download fails the user can re-try from the 'My Account' section of the portal (Max 5 retries).
  • The game is installed on the customer's device and can be accessible at any time.
  • The mode requires a once of payment. Once the payment has been done and the game downloaded, the customer will be able to play that game endlessly without incurring any charges from the games club portal.

Note: Data charges apply for browsing and games downloads

Fee Structure

  • Games Club subscription
    (Unlimited games)
  • A la Carte Game
    (Once of payments)
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Premium games
  • Medium games
  • Low cost games
  • 150 Tsh
  • 500 Tsh
  • 1500 Tsh
  • 500 Tsh
  • 350 Tsh
  • 250 Tsh