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Me2U is an airtime-sharing service. It enables you to top up mobile phones of your friends, and family members directly from your own mobile phone.


  1. 24-hour availability: airtime can be sent anytime of the night or day.
  2. Airtime can be sent in any denomination.
  3. You can top up on behalf of family members or friends.

How to transfer airtime

  1. Go to messages, select 'Write message', then type:
  2. 2u[space]<phone number>[space]<amount>[space]<password>
  3. For example to send K10 to 0977775004
  4. Simply type: 2u 0977775004 10 1357 and send the SMS to 432.

You can choose to transfer any amount. The default password is 1357. You should change the default password to a new 4-digit number, which only you know.

How to change your password

Dear customers, in order to ensure that your Me2U transactions are secure, certain changes have been made on the service. You may experience some password errors when you try to send using your old password.

The following are the errors you may get:

  1. The code you have entered is incorrect. Your default password code is 1357. Enter 1357 as your password
  2. The code you have entered is incorrect. It should consist of 4 non-consecutive digits. Example:  2468/1357/4725. Do not use passwords such as: 1234/4321/4567
  3. The code you have entered is incorrect. It should consist of 4 different digits. Example: 2468/4725/1357

In order to change your password from the default 1357 or any other password, SMS pin<space>old pin<space> new pin and send to 432

  1. Example:  Pin<space>1357<space>2468
  2. send  to 432

Should you experience any difficulties after following the above instructions, please contact us on our customer care line 111 or simply inbox us on our Facebook page for assistance.


K0.3 per transaction