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Airtel portal - Get. The Edge.

Download cool stuff from the Airtel portal. It’s the best of the web on your phone. News, sports, information, ring tones, wallpapers, video clips, games, entertainment and so much more! Get. The Edge. With Airtel you enjoy all the latest GPRS/EDGE technology at your fingertips. It’s cool. It’s individual. It’s for you!


You require:

  1. Airtel SIM card
  2. WAP Enabled device

It’s as simple as 1,2,3….

  1. Insert your Airtel SIM card in the phone and wait for settings to be sent automatically as a text message or call Customer Care on 111.
  2. Accept the settings that will be sent to you
  3. Go to the Internet/Web icon on your handset and you will be guided automatically to http://portal.zm.celtel.com

Enjoy the Airtel portal!


What’s up on the Airtel portal?

  1. News and sports - Stay informed with round-the-clock news headlines. Keep up with your favourite team with play-by-play updates, scores and statistics.
  2. Become your own exterior decorator - Express your unique personality on your phone with stunning screensavers and colour graphics. Choose from a wide variety depending on your phone model.
  3. Give your phone a distinctive voice - Customise your phone with ring tones that reflect your personality. Your phone may even be able to assign different ring tones to people in your address book, so you can tell who is calling by the sound of the ring.
  4. Turn free time into fun time - We’ve got the hottest games available, ready to download onto your phone. With moving environments, dynamic lighting effects, high tech animations and amazing graphics.
  5. Free to play - If any charges are applicable, you will be notified before downloading any ring tones, wallpapers or video clips. At that stage you will be able to accept or reject the transaction.