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Self Care


Question: What  is 121?
121 is another exciting innovation from Airtel. It’s a self-service portal that allows customer to access different products and services offered by Airtel by simply dialling one short code. No need to remember all the other short codes, it’s a one stop shop.
Question: How can I access 121?
simply dial *121# and select the service of your choice

Question: Who can access 121?
It is available to all Airtel customers, Prepaid and Postpaid

Question: How much does it cost?
It is a free service

Question: Is it a promotion?
It is not a promotion. It is a self-help service. A one stop shop

Question: What services can I access?


  1. My Airtel My Offer: Data Offers, International Voice Offers, Local Voice Offers, Hello Tunes.
  2. My Account: My Number, My Tariff Plan, Balance recharge/ Top Up, Loyalty Points.
  3. Tariffs and plans:  Classic per minute, One Time, Family, Generation X, Freedom, Talkamo, Club Zed.

  4. Promotions:  dependent on prevailing promotions.

  5. Smart Services: Call Me Back, Missed Call Alert, Hello Tune, Do Not Disturb, facebook without Internet, Siliza , Number Freeze Classifieds, Airtel Football.

  6. Airtel Money: Buy Airtel, send money, pay bills, withdraw money, bank services.

  7. Data services: All data & BlackBerry plans and usage check.

  8. Find a store: Locations of ALL our Service Centres around the country.