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Airtel DRC Stage Pratique Pour Les Eleves Du Complexe Scolaire "Les Loupiots" / Airtel DRC Practical Training for Students of School Complex "Les Loupiots"


From Monday 11 July to 10 August, as part of the project "Education Airtel helps the Congolese Youth" Airtel DRC will support 30 students from The School Loupiots Complex.
The initiative comprises three components: The AJTP who are with them for 9 months; Academic Internship awarded to students who submit their applications in due form and a practical internship program for students of secondary schools who express a need.
It is within this 3rd part that they will spend 30 days of professional immersion to benefit from the know-how and participate in developing their knowledge within Airtel.
Du lundi 11 juillet au 10 aout, dans le cadre du projet « Airtel contribue à l’Education de la Jeunesse Congolaise », Airtel RDC reçoit en stage pratique 30 élèves du Complexe Scolaire Les Loupiots .