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Airtel Gabon - Launch of Cultural Initiative in Honor of the Former President, Omar Bongo


Libreville: June 8, 2016- Christian de Faria , Airtel Africa’s Executive Chairman, took part in the launch ceremony of the cabinet of Africa Archives, dedicated to late President Omar Bongo Ondimba , a project initiated by the famous African journalist, Alain FOKA.
The ceremony took place in two parts. The first, dedicated to the youth, was held at the National Library in Libreville Gabon which was rehabilitated by Airtel Gabon. The institution received a donation given by the MD of Airtel Gabon . The second part was held in the presence of the President of the Gabonese Republic.
“It is the work of an African son who articulates his heritage”, said  Mr. Alain Kahasha, the Managing Director of Airtel Gabon.  Airtel Gabon in its role as a corporate citizen partnered in this initiative to help showcase to the Gabonese youth, its history and culture, through a 10 hour DVD package enabled by 10 years of research.