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Airtel Kenya Participates in UNESCO ICT Teachers’ Workshop

Airtel participates in UNESCO ICT Teachers’ Workshop  
Airtel Kenya last week participated in a UNESCO ICT competency framework for teachers review workshop that was held at a Nairobi hotel.   
The workshop brought together key stakeholders from the education sector who include the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST), Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMESTEA), Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), with an objective of preparing teachers in using ICT in the roll-out of the Digital Literacy Programme of the Government of Kenya.   
The teachers and stakeholders who attended the workshop were taken through a training that aims at:
  • developing Kenyan teachers’ skills in knowledge deepening and more specifically in applying principles of ICT in education and other key concepts and processes,
  • designing a unit plan with ICT and develop relevant classroom activities,
  • designing online materials using an authoring environment or tools,
  • managing the use of supplemental ICT resources with individuals and small groups of learners and
  • using ICT to search for, manage, analyse, integrate and evaluate information for professional learning.  
Airtel has been supporting UNESCO ICT teachers training program  that was launched in January this year by providing the over fifty participating teachers and facilitators with data bundles and modems to access and participate actively in the 14 week online course.  
See photos below from the workshop:


Representatives from KICD, UNESCO and TSC during the group session on planning and courseware


Andrew Moore the Administrator from Neil Butcher and Associates sharing feedback on the report with the online facilitators and administrators


Some of the representatives from KICD and TSC during the workshop


Airtel Kenya CSR Manager Aigelgel Kirumburu talking about Airtel's contribution to the ICT competency training


Andrew Moore, Administrator from Neil Butcher and Associates in South Africa sharing feedback on the customer experience on Airtel data survey report from teachers with Airtel Kenya CSR Manager Aigelgel Kirumburu. Looking on is John Okande from UNESCO