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Airtel Madagascar - Mangarivotra Orphanage Children Spoiled by Airtel


As a responsible, committed business, Airtel Madagascar has supported the children in the Ste Jeanne d'Arc orphanage Mangarivotra, Mahajanga. The goal was to bring joy and balm to the hearts of the poor orphan,s abandoned by their families, who are taken in by the Centre.
So on May 11, 2016, an Airtel Madagascar delegation led by RAKOTOMAMONJY Faliniaina, Majunga Zonal Business Manager, travelled to the children’s side to organize a day of rejoicing in their honour. The Centre’s 50 orphans were able to share a moment of festive joy with a big, friendly tea party. Airtel Madagascar took the opportunity to give each child a new pair of sandals.
Knowing that the Ste Jeanne d'Arc orphanage opens its doors to the most disadvantaged, children abandoned by their families as well as girls in great distress, Airtel Madagascar did not hesitate to express its support for these people in difficulty.
"Children are the country’s future. True to its values of solidarity and respect, Airtel is working so that every Malagasy child, in particular the most vulnerable, who include the Ste Jeanne d'Arc orphans, can fully enjoy their rights and thrive in their community," explained Airtel Madagascar CEO Maixent Bekangba.
The orphanage sisters welcomed this Airtel Madagascar initiative with open arms. "We are very touched by Airtel Madagascar’s support and we hope that this kind of action will carry on for the good of those children who do not have the privilege of living and growing up in their families," said the head of the Centre.
In implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR), the firm continues to increase social actions for disadvantaged people to ensure a future conducive to Madagascar’s development.