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Airtel Madagascar - Active in Educating Youth through ICT

Airtel Madagascar, active in educating youth through ICT
For Education Day, Airtel Madagascar visited the Coderbus, a mobile platform for learning computer science. A delegation led by Airtel Madagascar’s HR Director, Andry RATSIMBASON, went to Ivato with goodies to support the enthusiasm of young Malagasy encoders. This was an opportunity to support both Ivato Council and the Madagascar Coderdojo. The Coderbus has a busy schedule for these school holidays ; apart from Ivato, it is also expected in Ambohimanarina, Antsahabe, Ambohijanahary...



Education is a priority area in Airtel Madagascar’s Corporate Social Responsibility action. This initiative also re-emphasizes the commitment of Airtel Madagascar to work towards youth development  by using new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).



Since 2015
Since 2015, when signing the partnership with Madagascar Coderdojo - a free training center for youngsters aged 7 to 17 with volunteer mentors, Airtel Madagascar has donated hardware, internet connections, phones and monthly communication credits to three centres in Antananarivo and Fianarantsoa. Nearly 500 young people have benefited from the operator's ongoing support.
Determined to make education the cornerstone of the country’s development, Airtel Madagascar has renewed efforts every year to familiarize Malagasy people with the digital age.