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Airtel Madagascar Keeps Up Its Support for the Disabled in Antsirabe


As the financial inclusion and entrepreneurship project led by Airtel Madagascar for the disabled and chronically ill of the FKMS charity has borne fruit, the firm is keeping up its support to ensure that its actions carry on and the activities put in place become sustainable.
An Airtel Madagascar delegation led by Zoelisoa RAJOHNSON, the Zonal Business Manager, travelled to Antsirabe to follow up the efforts of this disadvantaged community, many of whom had already received Airtel aid in November 2015. Since this initiative aims to improve the community members’ situation, seed funding was allocated to new beneficiaries, and training and learning
events were organized as well to fill the identified gaps. Like the first beneficiaries last year, some disabled or chronically ill people have thus had the chance to develop their own financial activities.
Topics such as financial inclusion via Airtel Money, small-scale entrepreneurship and awareness about Antoka health insurance were addressed to ensure better results and bring together the conditions for success. « As a business committed to the country’s socio-economic development, Airtel Madagascar relies on mobilizing human capital so that all Malagasy people can make their own contribution to building national development,” said Airtel Madagascar CEO Maixent Bekangba.
Faithful to its values of dynamism, respect and solidarity, Airtel Madagascar spares no efforts to help people in difficulty overcome their physical disabilities and take control of their future.
The 3rd global mobile operator will monitor these new recipients to respond quickly and see if new training courses will be needed or even renew contributions. So new development players may well still emerge over the next 6 months.