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Airtel Madagascar Mobilizes For Autistic Children

Airtel Madagascar is supporting education for different children. Having already taken part in celebrating World Autism Day in 2015, Airtel Madagascar is renewing its commitment this year by promoting the 2016 ABA Madagascar initiative.
Airtel Madagascar with other donors such as Air Mauritius, Bolloré, and Madavision have provided financial assistance to implement this program of behavioral support for children with autism.
By assisting this project that promotes the ABA method which is one of the most efficient methods, Airtel Madagascar is providing educators, parents and professionals, doctors and families with the opportunity of effectively supporting the education of autistic children.
"As a dynamic, supportive and respectful firm, we are committed to providing them, via the best possible support, with the best assets to succeed and thrive with their differences," explained Airtel Madagascar CEO Maixent Bekangba.
From the 13th of May to the 5th of June, in partnership with the Madagascar Autism Association, SAMMY’O center, Colibris college and Eagles Wings Montessori School, various training courses will be given for teachers, as well as education and health professionals, as part of the 2016 ABA Madagascar initiative. Coaching days dedicated to parents and families of autistic children will also be organized. These activities will take place at several schools and associations in Antananarivo, and are aimed at raising awareness about autism, which is still unknown in Madagascar.
So on May 18th  and 19th, the Eagle Wings school at Ankadikely hosted the ABA training event organized by the above partner schools and centers, which included an activity led by Mrs. Sarah Salamon, ABA expert therapist and behavior analysis. The goal is to help parents whose children show repetitive or obsessive behaviors to better understand and more effectively support their education and development. The parents of pupils at Eagles Wings, Colibris, Kids, Sammy O and other establishments took part in these training sessions with great interest. Airtel Madagascar continues to support this noble cause through its social commitment program.