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Airtel Madagascar - National Day with Paper Lanterns for Mahavelona Primary School Pupils


Both children’s month and  Madagascar National Day are celebrated in June, a great opportunity for Airtel Madagascar to bring a little joy to the pupils of its adoptive school in Mahavelona.
On June 10, a large delegation led by Airtel Madagascar CEO Maixent Bekangba went to the Mahavelona primary school in Antananarivo to hand out paper lanterns. There were 300 pupils who received an “Arendrina”, the symbol of the national holiday so that they can celebrate this event joyfully and with good cheer.
"Arendrina oh oh oh", that popular refrain was sung in chorus by all. Apart from bringing a smile to their faces, this Airtel Madagascar initiative is also aimed at enhancing the importance of this symbol among youngsters. "... These traditional lanterns are part of Malagasy history and culture. Faithful to its values of dynamism, solidarity and respect, Airtel Madagascar is taking this cultural heritage under its wing to ensure it is preserved," said Airtel Madagascar CEO Maixent Bekangba.
Airtel Madagascar is taking particular care to ensure that pupils in its adoptive primary school and disadvantaged children enjoy the national holiday as all Malagasy children. Moreover, each year, handing out paper lanterns is one of the firm’s rites and a gesture that helps to perpetuate this tradition dear to Malagasy people.