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Airtel Seychelles - Airtel Money Subscribers Can Now Easily Pay Their Pension Contributions Using Their Mobile Phone

Members of the Seychelles Pension Fund who are ‘Airtel Money’ subscribers can now easily pay their pension contributions using their mobile phone.
The new Self-employed Contribution Payment e-Service was officially launched on Friday by the chief executive of the Seychelles Pension Fund (SPF) Lekha Nair.
Present during the launch held at the Care House conference room at Freedom Square was the managing director of Airtel Seychelles Amadou Dina, those who are self-employed, and representatives from Airtel and SPF.
This activity falls in line with SPF’s 10 for 10 campaign to mark its 10th anniversary and this launch is the fourth activity out of the ten which have been organised to celebrate this occasion.
The aim of developing this e-service is to provide another more convenient means for busy self-employed persons to contribute towards their pensions and allow them to pay from any location and at any time from their phones.
Self-employed persons must first register with SPF for this free service where they will be allocated an employer number.
Those who are not using ‘Airtel Money’ can be registered when they register for the e-service with SPF or they can register at Airtel offices.
Voluntary contributions can also be made by other SPF members who want to have better control of their contributions.
The Airtel money programme is secure as the customer is the only one who has knowledge of their pin number and the SPF database records all transactions that have been made.
Mrs Nair said Airtel Money is part of the national payment system, which provides an electronic wallet that enables all its customers to make different types of commercial transactions conveniently, quickly and safely through their mobile phone.
“The platform allows customers to top-up their phone with airtime, send and receive money, pay their bills and from today pay pension contribution. It is an alternative method of transacting other than cash,” she said.
She said SPF took up Airtel Money while joining the Airtel family so that the SPF members, especially the 1,500 busy self-employed members and also targeting all 41,000 odd active members, to have full control in their payment of the voluntary contributions each month as they will be able to increase or decrease their monthly payment as opposed to standard monthly deductions from their salaries at their workplaces which is currently being done.
Mr Dina said Airtel is very proud as this is another milestone as they bring out the latest technology.  “This is another innovation which is part of our achievement to bring this latest technology on the market, not only to allow customers to make calls but also to allow them to make electronic payments…and this contribution as it has been said is voluntary or mandatory but for us it is another way of telling them it’s secure, simple and faster,” he said.
SPF and Airtel will be at the National Day Show to provide more information about the new e-service.  Self-employed members are strongly encouraged to visit the stalls, bringing along with them their NIN cards.
A live demonstration was shown of how the payment is made by a loyal SPF customer, Philip Toussaint.