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Airtel Seychelles’ Blood Donation Drive a Success

Airtel’s blood donation drive a success


The youngest blood donor (19yrs)


Some soldiers happily donating blood



Staff and other people waiting to donate


Staff and other people who successfully donated blood



Airtel and other stakeholders
Airtel’s blood donation drive through SMS during the weekend has been described as a success as over 70 people responded to the call.
However out of this number only 46 were eligible to donate blood.
The event was held at the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) Hypermaket, where donors received an STC shopping voucher worth between R200 and R1,500 as soon as the blood had been given.
Among the donors were STC staff members.
The youngest donor was a 19-year-old female while the eldest was a 65-year-old male.
A frequent blood donor Ayesha Louis said she has been giving blood for about six years and jumped at the opportunity to do so again.
“When I received the text message from Airtel I rose to the occasion as the last time I gave blood I heard the nurse and doctors saying that the demand for blood is increasing while donors are getting fewer,” she said.
Ayesha’s message to those who are hesitant about donating blood is: “You never know what can happen tomorrow, it could be a member of your family or yourself who’ll be in need of blood. You can’t be eager to use other’s blood when you need it but are unwilling to give for others to use”.
She even urged her daughter Carol Benoiton to give blood for the first time.
Union Vale resident Rhod Moustache, who is also a frequent donor, said when he started to give blood he realised that giving blood is giving life.
“I encourage those who can give blood to come forward as it may help themselves out in the future,” he said. 
Airtel’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) coordinator Marie-Pierre Volcère said they were very satisfied with the turn-out as it is the first time that so many donors have turned up.
“We wanted to continue but the health officers were tired and wanted to stop as they could not even have lunch. People were still calling later on during the day to express their interest even from Praslin and La Digue,” she said.
Another blood drive will be organised soon as Airtel aims to achieve the highest record of blood donors in a campaign.