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Airtel Seychelles Brings Cheer to Patients in Children’s Ward

Airtel Seychelles brings cheer to patients in children’s ward
Children admitted in the pediatric ward of the Seychelles Hospital also felt the joy of Children’s Day after receiving gifts. Amongst the gifts handed over by Airtel were educational and reading books to be used by the children while hospitalized and 25 personal gifts each child can go home with, which consisted of a pencil case, stationery and a water bottle.
Airtel CSR coordinator Marie-Pierre Volcère said: “We brought these gifts for them to commemorate Children’s Day as we know that the kids will not be able to be among their friends at school and Day Care Centre for this special occasion.  We are not here only to present them with  gifts but to spend sometimes with them, entertain them and share some healthy snacks and refreshment as well”.
“The management has organized this occasion for the children, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, a get together with the sick children who could not spend the day with their friends at school or at home due to ill-health. It forms part of our programme this year to organize different kinds of activities for the kids,” she said.
Mother of eight-month-old Mikael, Valerie Hoareau, said: “I really appreciate that they (Airtel) at least thought of the sick children on Children’s Day and so I would like to thank them for that.” The nurse in charge of the pediatric ward, Magdalana Victorin, said she hopes such gestures continue in the years to come. “We are very grateful for their demonstration of goodwill as many children feel left out but now at least they get to rejoice and not feel rejected,” she said.


CSR coordinator and Mr Money handing over educational materials and other gifts to the ward


Mr Money brings smile on the face of a sick patient


An emotional patient with her airtel goodies


Mr Money distributing the gifts to the sick children