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Airtel Sierra Leone Donates to Deprived Muslim Communities

Airtel aids 14 Mosques with Ramadan gifts
As Muslims observe the holy month of Ramadan with fasting and prayers, Airtel Sierra Leone has donated assorted food items to 14 mosques in deprived communities nationwide to help cushion the burden on those who can’t afford a meal to break fast. Airtel acknowledges this and therefore think it necessary to intervene to help alleviate the suffering of our Muslim brothers and sisters.
At the Press Launch announcing the Ramadan Iftar, Airtel Usage and Retention Manager Abibatu Junisa explained that the sum total of the items to be distributed is approximately Le 300 Million, she explained that the supply is not limited to Freetown only, nothing that they would be traversing the length and breath of the county to supply the carefully chosen mosques with the assorted items. She also disclosed that as part of the Ramadan offer the company has also made provision for walk in customers, explaining any customer who walks in to our outlet and buys a product would automatically be entitled to a raffle draw, with prizes pertaining to Ramadan to be won. 
The Acting Managing Director Dapo Olasope at the Rogbangba Community Mosque in the Waterloo District explained that the mosques that are given the food items are the ones in which people are in dire need for it. This is our own iftar and we want to receive the blessings of the holy month of Ramadan. He continued that this is our way of giving back to our customers.  
Imams from various mosques thanked Airtel for remembering them in the holy month and offered prayers for Airtel to blossom as a company. They all expressed their appreciation and assured the company that the items would be distributed for its intended purpose.  The Chief Imam of Masjid Taweed in Hastings community noted that the gift are a big gesture, noting that one would receive quadruple reward in the life hereafter.

Acting Marketing Director making a presentation


Enterprise Head at Imatt Mosque


Female Staff at the Bay presentation


Immam offering prayers for the company


Kenema presentation with Zonal Mgr


MD at Rogbangba Mosque donation


ZBM South East presenting gifts