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Airtel Tanzania Boosts Capital for Two Young Entrepreneurs in Dar es Salaam

Airtel boosts capital for Two Young Entrepreneurs in Dar es salaam at a recent Airtel Fursa workshop
·  Equipment provided to a poultry incubator manufacturer and an artist.

Airtel Tanzania Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Hawa Bayumi (2 left) handover  working tools to Theresia Maliatabu (right ), who is one of the youth that have been empowered by Airtel FURSA “Tunakuwezesha”. Witnessing is Theresia’s mother Judith Benedicto (center ) and her neighbor Salome Benedicto (right) and Airtel Sales officer. The handover ceremony was held at her house in Temeke, Dar Es Salaam.


Airtel Tanzania Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Hawa Bayumi (left ) handover working tools to Stephen Gimase (right ), who is one of the youth that  have been empowered by Airtel FURSA “Tunakuwezesha”. The handover ceremony was held at his house in Tabata, Dar Es Salaam.

Dar Es Salaam,  Airtel Tanzania has continued its commitment to foster entrepreneurship among the youth in the country where this week through its youth empowerment program Airtel FURSA granted two youth with working tools relevant to their respective businesses worth 5 million shillings. The beneficiaries were instantly selected from over 300 young entrepreneurs who attended the Airtel FURSA workshop held on Tuesday 19th April 2016 at the Urafiki Social hall in sinza Dar es salaam.
Speaking during the handover ceremony Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Hawa Bayumi said "Airtel FURSA encourages innovation and creativity and so this time we did things differently were instant grants were announced at our recent FURSA workshop in Dar es salaam. Through the workshop over 300 youths stood a chance to receive a FURSA grant. After careful consideration of all the applications by our panelists, Stephen and Theresia emerged on top. We have provided them with the necessary equipment to enable them innovate more, produce more and transfer their skills to other youth.
Stephen Gimase , a young entrepreneur based in Dar es salaam dealing with fabrication of Incubators for poultry businesses emerged an instant FURSA grant recipient after presenting his business where he clearly highlighted where he is now and the potential his business is to create opportunities for other youths. Stephen said apart from fabricating incubators for sale to poultry businesses he trains youths like him on how to make the incubators and maintains one large incubator of which he uses to offer incubation services at a fee. His challenge included a  welding machine which forces him to rent and transport semi-finished product to and from other people’s workshop which is logistically difficult and very costly.
Speaking at Stephen’s workshop in Tabata Kisukulu area Hawa congratulated him and encouraged his innovative spirit. “most people in the poultry business import incubators, it is time now to use Tanzanian made. We are honored to be a part of the journey of a young revolutionary entrepreneur”
Upon receiving his grant which included a brand new welding machine, modern electric cutter and electric grill, Stephen thanked Airtel FURSA for granting him with a modern equipment’s for his business. “ I promise that I will  work hard to  ensure this project excels, I reach my dream of  expanding my business and creating employment for many other youth in the country. This is a stepping stone and I thank Airtel FURSA for being part of my life journey to success” said Stephen.
Theresia Maliatabu another Airtel FURSA beneficiary, is an artist who focuses on drawing pictures that are popularly used for decorative purpose. She has received brand new laptop and a drawing stand table to help her to produce high quality work. Being in an industry where every little detail matters it is important that she has facilities that enable her to reach required standards. During the hand over, Theresia thanked Airtel for their generous grant, promising that she would do her best to accomplish her dreams of being a great and well known artist for her great work.
Airtel’s CSR Manager Hawa Bayumi congratulated Theresia for her can do spirit. Speaking at the handover Hawa said; “Despite poor working tools you never gave up on your vision. Today we grant you innovative tools and wish you all the best. We look forward to seeing you in international art exhibitions in the near future.”
 Airtel has todate done 18 workshops around the country and reached more than 4,000 youth around the country, but this is the first time instant grants have been given to a selection of young entrepreneurs during the workshop. Airtel, through Airtel FURSA will continue to offer entrepreneurship skills workshops in different places across the country to ensure we reach out to more youth and transform their lives. We urge them to take up this great opportunity to get this training experience” added Bayumi.