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airtel headquarters, kenya – kimuchu primary

Nearly 1,500 pupils between the ages of 4-16 – including 102 Early Child Development (ECD) and 20 special needs children - are crammed in to five classrooms with earth floors at Kimuchu Primary at Makongeni, Thika Municipality, Kiambu County.

The school was recommended by the Ministry of Education because it was among the schools listed with very poor performance as a result of poor learning environment.  It rated 100% on the selection scorecard.  

The economy around the school is mainly industrial.  Many industries have moved out of the town area and set up their factories here.  The industries use cheap labour from the surrounding villages and the workers in the villages earn very, very low wages.  Girls drop out of school and turn to prostitution and there is a high incidence of drug abuse and theft, muggings and murders.  The area is prone to attacks from Mungiki

The school buildings are in a poor state of repair.  There are few window panes and doors are broken while the teachers lack most resources to conduct proper lessons.  Teachers require reference materials and the classrooms do not have chairs and tables.  Sanitation is very poor.