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madgascar - mahavelona primary

The Primary School of Mahavelona is located in the Commune Rural of Mahavelona Ankazobe, 80 km from the capital city of Antananarivo and 7km from the highway.  It was founded during colonial period in 1890.  It has a total of 243 pupils- 133 boys and 110 girls – taught by five teachers and the principal who are paid by the government.  There is limited water supply to the school.

Distance from home is the main issue faced by the students.  The school is three hours walk away from the majority of homes, while parents prioritize their children’s activity of looking after livestock and working the fields. 

The immediate priorities at the school are extensive refurbishment - walls, floors, windows and doors of classrooms need repairing and painting, school furniture and scholastic materials, providing a school canteen and food, and creating a pharmacy and first aid centre to treat illness