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Ndeeba Primary School was founded in 1930 by the Anglican Diocese. Being one of the oldest schools in the area, many people in the area- especially the parents attended the school.The school joined the government’s Universal Primary Education(UPE) programme in 1996

The school is located 68km from Kampala and the access road to the school is in good condition The school has a total of 904 pupils- 442 boys and 462 girls. There is a school feeding program but only 10% of the children benefit from this as only some parents pay for their children’s meals. Most of the parents of the children have supported the school over the years in one way and through the PTA they have managed to put up a classroom block which they have however failed to complete over the past 10 years. The school requires sanitation to be improved, it also requires a boundary wall, there is need for a library- the few books they have are currently stored in the head teacher’s office. They also require School furniture, blackboards and scholastic materials