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In line with the Bharti philosophy of ‘giving back to society’, Airtel Africa has been actively involved in social welfare initiatives across the 17 countries in Africa where it operates. Working primarily in the field of education, it has also forged strong ties with local communities, various corporate organizations, institutions and the government in its endeavor to reach out to the lesser privileged sections.

The role of education in eradicating poverty cannot be overstated. Receiving an education is perhaps a child’s biggest barrier to escaping poverty.

The power of an education continues to provide benefits to subsequent generations as educated adults tend to marry later in life, have healthier children, be more productive at work, receive better pay in the workplace and generally enjoy greater health.

In Africa It is common for rural youth - especially girls - to drop out or be forced to travel far away from their homes in order to attend school. The majority of existing schools – especially in rural areas - are overcrowded, poorly furnished and under-resourced. Historically, in Africa, education has only been available in the cities and larger towns and there’s still a long way to go before that imbalance is redressed.