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One Network

Enjoy a borderless mobile phone network across all Airtel operating countries through our One Network service.

With Airtel One Network, you are treated as a “virtual” local customer when you travel to any country Airtel operates in, which means, you get to use your Airtel Ghana SIM card in your host country and pay the same local rate for all calls, flat rate for SMS and GPRS. You also receive first 100mins of calls for free in all Airtel African countries and India except Burkina Faso and Niger due to regulatory issues. Calls received after free 100mins will be charged.

You can also recharge airtime using the visited Airtel network’s top-up vouchers.

How the Service Works

You do not need to register to be able to enjoy the Airtel One Network service as all Airtel customers are migrated by default. All you need to do is switch on your phone upon arrival in your host country and enjoy the service. All calls made will be charged using the local currency and rates to the visited network.

To Recharge Airtime

You can recharge airtime using either Airtel Ghana recharge vouchers or recharge vouchers of the Airtel operator in the country you are visiting.

When Using The Home Network’s Recharge Voucher:

Follow the instructions on the back of the home network's recharge voucher. Dial the USSD string applicable, followed by the hidden pin. E.g for Airtel Ghana *134*Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx#.

When Using The Visited Network’s Recharge Voucher:

Purchase the visited network's local recharge voucher. Dial *138* followed by the hidden pin.
If you are a Postpaid customer, you will receive a bill for all your transactions at the end of the month.

To View Your Account Balance:

Dial the number you usually use on your home network to check your account balance E.g. For Airtel Ghana, dial *133#.