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Airtel Trace Music Star


With 2.3 million calls made in its previous season, the Airtel TRACE Music Star (ATMS) talent search is the biggest music competition to ever take place in Africa. The number of contestants surpassed European and American talent shows such as "The Voice" and "Idols".

The mobile phone based ATMS talent search contest also won the "Best Pan-African Initiative" accolade at the prestigious AfricaCom Awards held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Concept Description

Trace Stars is an IVR based music competition that gives participants an opportunity to become the next big music star in their country and possibly across Africa and the world without having to go through long and expensive traditional castings. Trace Stars is operated as a massive branded campaign and value added music service and includes a karaoke component to rehearse for the song competition while having fun. At the end, a pan-African Grand Finale is organised with all National Winners to select the "Star of Stars".

Trace Karaoke

Trace Karaoke platform enables exciting, engaging and compelling signing options for end users. Users can access Karaoke service over IVR, select a song and sing along the music of selected song. This would act as a practice platform for all the users who would eventually take part in Trace Stars competition


Trace is a leading pan-African brand and media group with music TV channels very popular within this Youth segment. Trace has successfully launched Trace Stars in partnership with Fonewox(WASP), Cell C (MNO), Universal Music and Nokia. Over 325,000 Cell C subscribers entered the competition. The competition has now been rebranded to Trace Music Star after Airtel came on-board as title sponsors and was successfully launched in 14 African Countries in 2014.


February 2016- July 2016

Subscriber Segment: Existing Base and Prospective Customers


  1. Recruitment: Customers are invited to participate via TV, Radio, SMS broadcasting, BTL activities, web and social networks. The competition is open to Airtel's customers only.
  2. Usage: Interested customers participate by calling a dedicated IVR short code 533 @50p per minute with a pulse rate of 10 secs and recording a song. Entries are reviewed by a panel of expert judges and the Top entries are promoted on TV and other media. Customers are able to post links to their entry on the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), as well as forward the link to their friends via SMS. The public then votes for their favorite participant via IVR @ 50p per call and/or SMS @ 20p per SMS to short code 533.