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DataKredit™ is a service providing Data package advances to subscribers with deferred repayment at the moment of balance top-up.

General Mechanics:

  1. Customers are able to request for a data bundle when they run out by dialing a USSD or sending SMS to the short code 554.
  2. The data bundles available for advance to customers are 30MB, 50MB, 100MB and 200MB.
  3. The customer is deducted the loaned amount, in part or in full depending on the amount topped up on the next top-up(s).
  4. To be eligible for the credit loan, a subscriber must have been active on the Airtel network for more than 90 Days, and should have recharged with at least a GHC 20 voucher in the past 90 days.
  5. If debtor does not make top-up during 30 days after Data Package advance taking, Debtor’s balance check is performed automatically on the 30th day and debt collection attempt is performed if customer has balance.
  6. A service fee of 15% will apply on advanced data bundles.

Qualification criteria and activation:

  30MB 50MB 100MB 200MB
Subscribe through USSD Dial *554*30# Dial *554*50# Dial *554*100# Dial *554*200#
Subscribe through SMS Send 30 to 554 Send 50 to 554 Send 100 to 554 Send 200 to 554
Cost of Datakredit bundle(GHC) 1.15 1.72 3.45 5.75
Service fee 15% 15% 15% 15%