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Data Devices

Airtel provides you with the latest high-speed technology devices such as dongle and Wi-FI routers along with internet connection to guarantee you have a fulfilled experience when you surf the internet.

Airtel Dongle

The Airtel dongle is a pocket-size internet modem. To get started, you need to put an Airtel SIM into the dongle (The Airtel SIM has to be registered). You can recharge your data on the dongle by using the USSD link on the dongle Graphical User Interface that is displayed on computer.

Facts on the Airtel dongle:

  1. It is a plug and play device.
  2. It can be used on more than one computer, simply install the device on your computer. Fortunately, it takes very little time to install.
  3. You can use the modem in most PCs, Laptops, and Apple Macs. Each modem may vary slightly because of the operating system of your computer. To ensure that your PC, laptop or Apple Mac is supported, please check the system requirements of the device.
  4. The SIM in the dongle can also be used to make calls.
  5. Airtel dongle can be purchased from any of the Airtel showrooms.

Wi-Fi Routers

Airtel offers two Wi-FI router that enable internet sharing:

  1. ZTE-MF60 router is a small portable mobile wireless router that allows about 8 devices connect simultaneously to the internet.
  2. The Office in a box (OIB) router is a Wi-FI device that allows up to 35 devices connect to the internet at the same time.

Wi-Fi and routers are best suited for:

  1. Residential Use.
  2. Small Office.
  3. Ad hoc Teams or groups set up for a particular project.
  4. Back up internet access for corporate such as multi-nationals and Banks.


How to get Airtel Wi-Fi Routers

  1. Visit any of the Airtel retail outlet and request for the Router.
  2. The router is plug and play and is easy to setup.
  3. Purchase any of the available Airtel data bunds to use with the routers, we recommend the larger bundles for internet sharing.