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Network Improvement Update

In an effort to offer our customers the best services, we have embarked on upgrading our network system within Nairobi. During the month of May 2015, our technical teams will work round the clock to perform the network swaps to see Airtel customers enjoy stronger signals and improved data experience. Our network will also be 4G ready after this process is completed.

During the upgrade period, Airtel customers may sometimes experience call drops, potential disconnected data sessions and slower data speeds. Subscribers outside Nairobi who will be calling our customers in Nairobi may also experience these issues.

The implementation of this transformation program will enable us to further enrich our customers’ experience across the country. A similar upgrade which involves UMTS 900 MHz spectrum upgrade was successfully implemented in Kitale and Mombasa where Airtel users are currently enjoying faster internet speed and improved quality of service on Airtel network.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused and reassure you that our technical teams will be working throughout to ensure that improved services resume at the earliest.

Thank you for your continued support.