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Shikisha Stori Na 5X

What is Shikisha Stori Na 5X?

It is a prepaid promotion where all prepaid customers on the Airtel network have the opportunity to enjoy 500% bonus each day.

How do Consumers participate in Shikisha Stori Na 5X

  • No subscription, no entry fees
  • Each prepaid customers is assigned a daily usage target
  • Once the daily target is attained the customer receives 500% bonus instantly
  • All that the prepaid Customer needs to do, is to use his or her line to make
    • Voice, on-net, off-net, International
    • SMS, P2P- on-net, off-net, International,
    • Data - PAYG from their main account and Data bundles purchases for that day to achieve the usage target any time during the day.
  • Upon achieving the daily target the customer is instantly rewarded

What is the Customer Benefit in Shikisha Stori Na 5X promotion

Customer receives 500% Bonus Reward, after achieving daily targets.

Bonus Conditions

  • Bonus needs to be consumed before mid-night same day
  • Bonus expires at 12 midnight same day
  • Bonus can be used for Onnet and Offnet and Data only and split as follows
    • 50% Onnet; 25% Offnet and 25% for Data

Bonus consumption from Airtel Money is excluded from the promotion