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How Can Can I Access 4g/Lte Data Services?


For you to enjoy 4G/LTE, there are 4 conditions that must all be met:

  • Have a 4G compatible device
  • Get a 4G compatible SIM card for FREE in any of our Airtel Express Shops
  • Device settings must be on 4G/LTE
  • You must be in an area with 4G/LTE Network Coverage

How To Set Your Device On 4G/LTE?

For iOS Devices (iPhones and iPads)

Go to settings> Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Data and Voice > select LTE

For most Android Devices :

Go to settings> connections or more Networks, mobile or cellular networks, network mode > select 4G/LTE

If upon getting to the final step and there is no 4G/LTE option, please note that your device is not 4G/LTE capable

How Do I Recognize A 4G SIM Card?

A 4G SIM card is clearly branded 4G. If you don’t see 4G anywhere on the SIM card, please know that it is not a 4G SIM card