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PaNet Night Chilaz Bundles

Do more for less with Airtel Night Chilaz bundles. Night Chilaz bundles give you a substantial discount and solely work at night from 12:00am to 05:00am.

There are 3 Night Chilaz bundles:

Plan Price Volume(MB) Validity (Days) Buying code shortcut for buying
Night Chilaz Daily 120 75 1 *301# *301*400#
Night Chilaz Weekly 200 200 7 *301# *301*401#
Night Chilaz Monthly 950 1,024 30 *301# *301*402#

Note:For bundle balance dial *304#


Question: How do I purchase the Night Chilaz data bundle?

Answer: By dialing *301#.

Question: How can I check my Balance?

Answer: By dialing *304#.

Question: What happens when I have run out of Night Chilaz volume while browsing?

Answer: Charging will be from volume bundle if customer has a volume bundle, if not customer will be charged PAYGO.

Question: If I have Night Chilaz and Social bundle which bundle takes priority?

Answer: Social bundles (Facebook and Whatsapp) will take priority over Night Chilaz.