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One Airtel

One Airtel is a borderless mobile phone service available to Airtel subscribers across all Airtel operations group, on both prepaid and postpaid numbers. One Airtel enables Airtel customers to enjoy and move freely between the countries in which Airtel operates, and be treated as "virtual" local customers of the visited network in terms of pricing, while retaining their home network service functionalities

One Airtel is available in Africa and Asia in the following countries;

AFRICA (Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Madagascar, Ghana, Chad, Gabon, Seychelles)

ASIA (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh)

Product Features

One Airtel enables customers to access services in all One Airtel countries the same way they do in their home country. This includes:

  • Making outgoing calls/SMS in the same way and at the same tariff as local customers.
  • Recharging your mobile phone with local top-up cards or with home network top up cards
  • Keeping the same phone number and SIM card across all Airtel networks
  • Receiving all calls for free for the first 10 Minutes within a 30 day cycle
  • Having access to all services in any One Airtel country – i.e. Customer Care, Me2U as well as Airtel Money.

Roaming Activation

  • Roaming Activation for all Prepaid numbers is activated by default
  • One Airtel roaming is activated by default
  • Global Roaming Service for postpaid customers' needs to be requested before travelling abroad in writing

Blackberry Use on One Airtel

  • Once a customer has gone outside Malawi, roaming data charges apply.
  • All data usage on roaming are charged on pay-as-you-go according to roaming data charges
  • Data is charged per 10Kb (see below schedule). Price includes taxes
  • Only Prepaid customers enjoy free Incoming calls on roaming for up to 10 Minutes within 30 days

Prepaid Charges

  • The following charges apply to Prepaid & Postpaid customers on One Airtel Africa Networks
  • All charges in Malawi Kwacha and include taxes

All One Airtel Networks Retail Tariff SMS MO BACK HOME LOCAL CALL International Call Premium/
GPRS (MB) Recieving a call
MWK 157.5 322.5 157.5 945.0 16,402.5 60.0    -

Excluded from One Airtel

  • All Blackberry subscriptions are ONLY meant for local usage. These include Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES), Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), Blackberry social, Blackberry Complete, (whether Daily, Weekly, or monthly).
  • However, for Blackberry data to be used on roaming, a subscriber must first subscribe to local package
  • Whilst on roaming, validity for all local Blackberry subscriptions does not change. Any subscription will expire after validity period irrespective of the time customer has been on roaming.


  • For Postpaid subscriber rates will vary from month to month depending on the monthly exchange rate.
  • The free incoming calls for the first 10 minutes only applies to prepaid customers
  • Customers will be charged K210.94 upon exceeding the 10 minutes in a 30 day cycle.

Call scenarios

  • Back Home - calls to Malawi (265)
  • International Call - call to any other country apart from home and visited country
  • Local call - call within visited country