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Airtel 4G

Want to enjoy reliable and super-fast internet on your phone? Then come on board AIRTEL 4G


What is 4G?

4G, also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE); stand for 4th Generation of telecommunications technology that delivers very high data speeds. With 4G, you can enjoy even better data experience with network-enhanced quality such as HDVideo Streaming, Video and voice calls, superfast downloads, online gaming and so much more.

How to get on Airtel 4G

Step 1: Get a 4G SIM:

Simply visit an Airtel Store near you to get a new 4G SIM or Upgrade your SIM to 4G.

Step 2: Get a 4G enabled device

If your phone, MiFi or Dongle is not 4G enabled; please visit an Airtel Store or the nearest phone store to upgrade to a 4G phone. To check if your phone is 4G enabled; simply dial *121# and select 4G services.


Step 3: Be within Airtel 4G Coverage

For a list of Airtel 4G coverage locations, please refer to our coverage map.