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Our Vision

  • Our Social responsibility vision is to improve the lives of our communities by empowering young people to take advantage of opportunities for the future.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is improve the lives of our communities by harnessing the power of our technology, and our network of customers, employees and partners to connect Africa’s people to dependable programs for social change.

Our Focus

  • Education is the foundation for development. This is a very important issue for Africa and is our future workforce. Our Adopt-a-School programme falls here and is refocused to enable school going children unlock their potential and the love for reading through connectivity. We work with the government and credible partners to strengthen these efforts.
  • Enterprise Development: Our focus is to help unemployed youth access and acquire skills in the digital environment and unlock their potential for future entrepreneurship and employment. We support small business entrepreneurs who can harness digital tools to grow and make their businesses more effective, efficient and global.
  • Health: Health remains a major factor in Africa’s development story. It is also very important to our employees and is an area where many of our company volunteering and payroll giving activities are directed.
  • Environment: Airtel recognises that it has a responsibility to monitor and measure the impact the business operations have on our environment. Our carbon emissions from energy usage, business travel and tower operations have an effect on the planet. Going green is the way.

How to Partner With Us

Airtel welcomes partners for social change. To partner with us on Social Responsibility initiatives, kindly submit all requests in writing to the Airtel House in Remera- Kigali, Rwanda.

All submissions should include the following key information:

  • Sector and project information - (In which sector is this initiative?)
  • Impact information - (How many people will this project impact? Numbers?)
  • Reporting and measurement information- (How will the project be measured and reported?)
  • Credentials, audited financial statements
  • For fundraising, kindly provide requirements and breakdown as to how the funding will be used

Governance & Compliance

Our Airtel social responsibility policy takes into account;

  • The international standards for Social Responsibility guidelines as set out in the ISO 26000
  • Global integrated reporting requirements for sustainability following the GRI Guidelines