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Tera Stori

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1) What is new in this offer?

The customer needs to pay only for the first minutes of the call and rest of the call is free with an FUP of 60 mins for that call. Once the customer reaches 180 charged onnet seconds he will get 120 mins free for the day (Till midnight).He will also get Free WTF (FUP of 50 MB) once he completes 60 charged Seconds on onnet.

2) Who is allowed/ eligible?

All prepaid Customers (Except Hybrid and Postpaid and Employees) are eligible for the offer.

3) How do I subscribe?

There is no subscription for the offer. It will be our default payG plan for onnet.

4) How much do you charge me before I can have access to the offer?

The customer will be charged only for the first minute for every call in case he makes long calls and once he is charged RWF 90 he will be eligible for the free 120 minutes on network to call Airtel lines. Once he completes 60 charged seconds (RWF30 charging) he will be eligible for Free WTF for the day (FUP of 50 MB).

5) Will Sms count for this offer?

No SMS usage will not count for the offer. Only onnet calls will be counted for the offer.

6) Will International/ Offnet calls count for this offer?

No ILD/offnet calls will not be counted for the offer. Only onnet calls will be counted for the offer. However Offnet rates are reduced from current RWF38/min to RWF 30 /min.

7) Will Internet usage count towards the offer?

No Internet usage will not count for the offer. Only onnet calls will be counted for the offer.

8) I have airtime that I borrowed; can I use it for this offer?

Yes you can use Borrowed Airtel to avail the offer.

9) I have free minutes as bonus, can I use these minutes to get the offer? For example I recharge & get 50% bonus

No Free Airtime/bonuses will not be counted for the offer. It will only be PAYG usage that will be counted.

10) What if I have a bundle (Voice/ Sms and or Data) will I be able to get the offer?

No Bundle usage will not be counted for the offer. Only PayG usage will be accumulated for the offer.

11) Can I use the free minutes to call international/offnet?

No. The free Minutes given can only be used to make onnet calls.

12) Can I use the free minutes for the next day?

No, the free minutes got will expire the same day midnight.

13) What is the validity for the offer?

The validity of the free minutes are till same day midnight.

14) How will I know I have qualified for the free minutes?

Once you finish first 60 charged Seconds you will automatically get a notification telling you that you have free WTF for the day .Once you complete 180 charged onnet seconds you will be getting an sms informing you about the free 120 minutes you can use till same day midnight.

15) How will I know I have qualified for the free WTF?

You will get a notification once you have used 60 charged onnet seconds informing the same.

16) What happens when I run out of my free minutes?

You will be on PAYG with charging of RWF30/Min for the day.IN case of long calls the rest of the call is free on that call.

17) How many times will I be able to get this offer per day?

Only once per day.

18) What happens if I run out of the airtime before I complete the 60 seconds?

You need to recharge your line to continue using it. Alternatively you can borrow using ACS and continue usage.

19) What happens if I enter a zone without coverage while a call had been initiated? Will Airtel refund me/give me the benefits for this offer?

No. You need to complete the 60 charged seconds to get the WTF benefit and 180 Charged Seconds to get the free 120 Minutes for the day.

20) What happens if I latch on Rwf1/min or Recharge & get free calls sites (LMS Sites)?

You will be on RWF1/min or free calls in the designated sites. All other promos will have priority over the current offer.

21) How can I share the free minutes that I get from this offer?

You will not be able to share the free minutes received thru the offer.

22) Will this offer be there forever or it is ending sometime soon?

This offer will be there till March after which decision will be made and updated.

23) What if I receive a call with a length of more than 2 minutes, will I get the benefits?

No Incoming usage is not a part of the offer.

24) What happens in case of call forwarding (in case all numbers are Airtel), will both umbers get the offer?

No. Only A Party for whom the charging has happened will only get the offer.

25) I am located in Kigali/ upcountry will I have this offer?

The offer will be available across the country.

26) I am only one week old on the network, will I get the benefits in terms of the AON? Ie. If I am 2 weeks I get 2 time the benefits?

Yes offer is available irrespective of the AON of the customer.No you will not get twice the benefit.

27) How do I get support in case I have concerns about this offer?

You can get in touch with our call center or raise the issue to or