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Airtel Rwanda Touching Lives

Introduction and Background

Airtel Rwanda Touching Lives is an inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that seeks to offer practical relief, assistance, hope, opportunities and credible platforms to liberate and empower the underprivileged, disadvantaged and hard to reach persons in our society.

It is aimed at recognizing and supporting individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to their communities. The Touching Lives Initiative will be conducted in 13 episodes which will feature 26 emotion evoking stories of people that will benefit from this initiative.

The beneficiaries of the Airtel Touching Lives initiative will be carefully selected from a pool of nominations by members of the public/community all over the country – which will later be reviewed by Airtel officials to verify if truly the nominated members of the society are suitable to benefit from this initiative

The activities of Airtel Touching Lives will be recorded and aired on Television with a view to promoting the spirit of giving, self-sacrifice and love among Rwandans.

Thank You all for the touching stories you submitted before the close of entries on the 5th of May 2016. The research team is reviewing your entries and we will update you soon on what happens next soon.

Airtel Rwanda Touching Lives Series

Episode 1

In this episode, we met a survivor of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi who is trying to overcome challenges in her life and move forward. We also visited a family facing challenges as they struggle to take care of their disabled children.

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Episode 2

In this episode, we will meet a young man who was disabled after a terrible accident more than 20 years ago. We will also meet a single mother with no family, who is struggling to look after her child.

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Episode 3

In this episode, We meet an association that takes care of children living in prisons with their mothers, We also meet young couple who are battling to care disabled child.

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Episode 4

In this episode, We will see a woman who lost her family when their house burned down and she ended up disabled, ​w​ e will also take a look at an association that helps women facing domestic violence and gives them counselling as well as empowering them to develop themselves.

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Episode 5

Muri iki gice, Turarebera hamwe umusore warwanye mu buzima bwe kugirango abe yaba umuganga ndetse abashe kuba yafasha n'abandi, Nanone turarebera hamwe umusore ugerageza kuzamura umudugudu atuyemo kugirango awuteze imbere.

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Episode 6

Muri iki gice, Turarebera hamwe umuryango wakoze iyo bwabaga kugirango babashe kwita k'umwana wabo, Nanone turarebera hamwe umwana w'umusore ubana n'ubumuga ariko ukoresha ibishoboka byose kugirango abashe kwiga.

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Episode 7

Muri iki gice, Turarebera hamwe umu mama wibana ariko ugerageza kurebere abana be babana n'ubumuga bwo mu mutwe ndetse n'ubw' umubiri nanone turarebera hamwe umubyeyi ugerageza uko ashoboye kose kugirango areberere abuzukuru be.

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Episode 8

Muri iki gice, Turarebera hamwe aho Airtel yasuye umuryango witanze kugirango wite kubana babana n'ubumuga ndetse turarebera hamwe umu Mama wibana ariko wagerageje uko ashoboye kose kugirango yite k'umwana we w'umukobwa ubana n'ubumuga.

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Episode 9

Muri iki gice, Twasuye umugabo ubana n'ubumuga wahisemo gusabiriza kugirango atunge umuryango, ndetse turarebera hamwe u Mama wibana utagira akazi ariko ugerageza kugirango yite ku mwana we w'umuhungu ubana n'ubumuga.

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Episode 10

Muri iki gice turarebera hamwe umu mama ukora ibishoboka byose ngo yite kumuryango we. Ariko bikanga bakagira imibereho mibi. Nanone turarebera hamwe Umubyeyi wagurishije ibyo afite byose kugirango akunde yite k’ umwuzukuru we ubana n’ ubumuga.

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