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Airtel Magic Voice

Magic Voice is a fun based service that allows callers to change their voice automatically and let them speak to their friends in changed voices.The customer can choose to have voice which sounds like a kid, king, cartoon, etc.

How can callers use the Magic Voice service?

  • a. Caller dials 7700 followed by their Friend’s 10 digit phone number to use the service.
  • b. Caller selects the voice / ambience they would like to continue in.
  • c. The call is then connected and user can speak to their friends in the changed voice.

EXAMPLE: If your friend’s phone number is 0731234567 dial 77000731234567 to use the service.

Note: The call receiver will receive the caller’s CLI (Calling Line Identity) like a normal call.

How can callers change their voice to other voices while speaking to their friend?

During the call, the user has to press ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’ or ‘0’ to change their voice to other available options.

These are configurable. Note: By pressing ‘0’, while on call, the user can change his/her voice back to the normal voice.

Can users call friends on other networks with changed voices?

Yes, the caller can call to off-net numbers also using the Magic Voice.

Can users call friends in other countries with changed voices?

No, international calls are not allowed.

How much does this service cost?

  • a. Calling the 7700 is FREE. Users can call the Short Code to subscribe to the service.
  • b. To use the service, the user should call 7700 followed by their Friend’s Number.
  • c. Flat charges of 32 RWF/min on a per second billing for On-net calls and 38 RWF/min on per second billing for Off-net calls.
    • i. 20 RWF for a Daily Pack subscription – Unlimited day pass
    • ii. 100 RWF for a Weekly Pack subscription- Unlimited weekly pass

Auto-renewals are activated for both the subscription packs

How to subscribe/Unsubscribe


  • a. Via IVR: Users that call in to the Magic Voice service and have not subscribed will automatically be given the option to subscribe for the service (either when they dial the [7700] or [7700] followed by their Friend’s Number).
  • b. Via SMS: Users will also be able to subscribe by sending Go1 for the daily pack/Go7 for the weekly pack to the magic voice short code 7700.


  • a. Via IVR: Users can call in to the Magic Voice service 7700 followed by friend’s phone number and follow the option in the Main Menu to go to the other option menu, where he/she will be given an option to unsubscribe from the service.
  • b. Via SMS: Users will also be able to unsubscribe by sending STOP1 (for the daily pack) and STOP7 (for the weekly pack) to the Magic Voice short code 7700 via SMS.
  • c. Via USSD: Users can unsubscribe by dialing *187# and choose the option to unsubscribe.