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mobile phone backup

Introducing one more innovative and most comprehensive product from airtel “Mobile phone backup”

Create a backup of everything that matters to you

Take a secured backup of your contacts, events, tasks, photos, videos, music and much more for Free

To backup Text “MYBACKUP” to 9691

product concept

Mobile Phone Backup is a service that safeguards all stored data of the user’s mobile phone including Contacts, Calendar, SMS, Photos, Videos and Music. The Mobile Phone Backup service copies all mobile phone’s data in a secure airtel server and enables the user to restore the saved data on their phone (New / Existing) whenever the user changes phone or in case of accidental loss of data. The solution brings to airtel Seychelles users the most comprehensive, “Over the Air” Phone-Backup solution


  • Easily & quickly backup all your mobile data
  • View, manage and edit all your data through secure internet website
  • Copy/Restore all your saved/backed-up data to your phone (New or Existing)

activation process

  • User send an SMS “MYBACKUP to 9691(toll free)
  • User receives a confirmation SMS containing a link that directs the User to the WAP page/phone backup page
  • User is able to download/install the client browser after opening the WAP link
  • Once the User installs the client, the User can upload phone data.
  • The User will be informed of the size of phone data bucket wise before upload or download.
  • If the User successfully uploads/restores phone data they will receive a notification