What is airtel 3.75G?


Enjoy internet browsing at the fastest rate ever in SL. Video Calls with compactible devices are all enabled with the 3rd Generation (3G).


How to use it

3G at your door steps with


  • airtel 3G handsets
  • airtel 3G Enabled Routers
  • Data Voucher


Surf the internet at an unstoppable speed with your 3G enabled devices in the under mention zones.


3G is the third generation of mobile internet systems. It provides an enhanced way to access online services such as multimedia, high-speed mobile broadband, music and video, all on your mobile handset. With a 3G device (phone, modem, tablet, Wi-Fi router) and access to the 3.75G network you can make video calls, send mms, stream YouTube videos, send and receive heavy email attachments and download music, while enjoying the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone.

3G has evolved through several updates, leading to the very latest release, HSPA+, which is referred to as 3.75G, now available on airtel. 3.75G technology operates at dazzling speeds of up to 14.4 MB/s downlink and 5.7MB/s uplink.

How is airtel’s 3.75G different?

Not so long ago, a mobile phone simply allowed you to make phone calls. Today, we have airtel 3.75G, the most advanced internet-capable telecommunications system in Africa. You can make video calls, access emails from just about anywhere, connect to high-speed Internet, download music, participate in video blogs, do your internet banking, and much more. Just about anything you can do on an Internet-connected computer, you can now do on-the-go from your phone.

Best of all, it won’t cost you the earth. You can subscribe to a tailor-made data bundle and save significantly over regular data download costs.

  • Unrivaled speed
  • The widest coverage in Sierra Leone
  • The widest coverage in Africa through our One Network service
  • Unrivaled customer care and sales teams


How to enjoy airtel 3.75G

You will needed

  • An airtel line
  • A 3G/HSPA enabled device – handset, tablet, modem or router
  • Correct Internet settings on your device



How to connect your handset

When you’re connected, a 3G or HSDPA or HSPA or HSUPA or WCDMA icon will be visible next to the network signal icon on your mobile phone screen

If your device cannot receive settings automatically, you can visit any airtel store for assistance.

- APN - internet.sl.airtel.com

- User name/password has to be blank.


  • Go to your mobile phone network settings menu and enable 3G and 2G connection.
  • Once SIM card is placed In your phone , you should then receive your setting automatically.
  • If you do not receive your setting automatically , send ‘NET’ to 151. You will receive an SMS with instructions to follow.

How to connect your modem

  • Make sure your airtel SIM is correctly inserted in your modem
  • Plug your modem into your computer’s USB port
  • Follow the instructions on how to install the required software. This is necessary only if you’re connecting your modem for the first time
  • Launch the airtel mobile broadband software and click on the Connect icon.
  • Ensure you have sufficient airtime credit on your modem to enjoy airtel 3.75G.

To connect your router

Follow instructions on the manual or call 121


important info

  • Where a 3G network is unavailable, you’ll be moved to a 2G network. You can still make calls, send and receive sms, and use your data service on 2G.