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Here's what you can enjoy on our 3.75G network.


Stay in touch in real-time via your instant messenger or social networks, directly from your phone. airtel messaging works on all types of phones using sms or the Internet.

airtel LIVE!

Browse and download from a selection of a million songs at affordable rates. Send and receive emails, play games, set caller tunes, download ringtones, videos and images. Access info services, lifestyle tips and lots more. airtel Live! has more content than you'll find anywhere else. It's quite simply the best.

airtel 3G ROAMING

Roaming allows you to use your number to make and receive calls, text and data while outside your home country. airtel 3G roaming allows you to access the internet on a 3G network in another country.


Set up interactive meetings with people in different locations using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Talk, listen and share presentations from anywhere. We take care of the technological element, and offer you complete security anytime, anywhere.


airtel BlackBerry Enterprise service gives wireless enterprise solution that keeps the mobile professional connected at all times – at work, at home, or on the go. You are alerted whenever you receive company or business mails wherever airtel has coverage and you can open attachments like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe files on your BlackBerry with ease. One can arrange meetings, update your calendar, free internet browsing and even upgrade your BlackBerry handheld, all in one promising package.

Enjoy Blackberry service with the following pricing structure:

Service Validity BIS($) BES + ($)
Monthly 25 35
Weekly 7  
Daily 2  


  • Never lose what you are working on
  • stay connected to your office on-the-go
  • Work more efficiently and save time to take care of yourself.