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BlackBerry®™Enterprise Service/BlackBerry®™ Internet Services

BlackBerry®™ Enterprise Service is the leading wireless enterprise solution that keeps the mobile professional connected at all times – at work, at home, or on the go. It's a Wireless Enterprise Solution that keeps you connected to your office on-the-go. You are alerted whenever you receive company or business mails wherever airtel has coverage and you can open attachments like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe files on your BlackBerry®™ with deliberate ease.

What's more, you can arrange meetings, update your calendar, free internet browsing and even upgrade your BlackBerry®™ handheld, all in one promising package.

BlackBerry®™ Service also provides secure, wireless access to a full suite of business applications.

The BlackBerry®™ smart phones offer the full experience of the BlackBerry®™ solution, including:

  • Email messaging
  • Text messaging (SMS and MMS)
  • Push technology
  • Instant messaging
  • Organizer
  • Web browser
  • Phone
  • And more!


Other great BlackBerry®™ features:

  • Easy Bluetooth setup
  • Notifications - tone, vibrate, LED indicator
  • Search – Find anything on the device quickly
  • Wireless on/off - Great for flights
  • Data on/off - Great for vacations
  • Java™ based - Tons of games and apps
  • Flash Memory – Never lose what you're working on


BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS)

BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS) is an enhancement of the BB Complete Tier by catering for  users who require access to more than one mail account (up to 10 email accounts can be used). This tier also enables integration with corporate users - BES Express and comes with added security features – wireless backup, remote phone lock and locator.

BlackBerry® Enterprise Service plus (BES+) is a combination of the BIS and BES tiers and is tailored for the increasingly savvy corporate segment (up to 11 email accounts can be used – corporate mail inclusive). It is to be provided as an upgrade to the existing BES service.

This service allows individuals with BlackBerry Phones to enjoy the full BlackBerry Services like setting up of Personal Emails accounts on their BB Phones as well as internet service.


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BlackBerry Internet Service(BIS)

Individual customers with BlackBerry phones can now Subscribe for the new BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) at affordable Rates.
Customer Subscribes via short code*440#.Subscription costs is 200 units daily, 700 units weekly and 2500units monthly
Daily Subscription 
SMS - Bisday to 440
Weekly Subscription
SMS-Bisweek to 440  
Monthly Subscription
SMS-Bismonth to 440
USSD- *440*124#
Send Status to 440    USSD -*440*10#
Send bbx to 440

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